About Us

About Us


We, Inquot are devoted to maintaining trust & transparency in the forex trading industry that helps the traders to trade without any worries & hassle free, that helps us to become one of the emerging winners in the forex industry.

We have several other fx technology providers based in several other jurisdictions or a country that brings out one of the cross-culture experience in the forex technology, which not helps you to execute the faster trading orders but also helps you to gain an experience & strong attachment towards the capital market industry.

Our spread benchmark is lowest in the industry & strongly focus on a trading environment that helps you to become one of the well-established traders without the slow execution or any sort of price manipulation in order to focus on your trading activities. In further regards to trading terms we have & constantly strive to aim for the lowest slippage that ensures the integrity of the forex market.

We strongly follow on several work pattern and culture that forms a larger integrity issue in the forex market. Our several principles highlighted below:


Inquot focuses on several aspects that helps you to execute the most reliable trading environment without causing a sense of discomfort in the trading matters.


The trading order you execute are highly transparent in nature with no sort of price manipulation, we follow a transparent code of ethics in withdrawal system.


The commitment is the first step that we follow in our work. We, Inquot continuously tries to improve & upgrade the new technology that helps you to experience the sense of supremacy in

your trading environment.

High Standards

FOREX industry is quite complicated & several brokers try to maintain the high due diligence, reporting & compliance in order to maintain the high standards of the industry.